FLEX Spas (Flexbaths)

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Flex Baths Atlanta is part of the Flex chain known for clean, high-quality facilities, a pool, jacuzzi, steam room, lounges, saunas, showers, and full service bars.


    • g_evans64
      g_evans64 2 months ago

      My first visit to a gay spa and was nervous. Door guy was friendly and helped me relax. Changing area was clean and felt secure. Took my towel and explored. Doing the stairs leading down and took a shower (open and public). Another guy offered to help soap me up and spent a lot of time on my privates. We talked and he understood it being my first time, said to relax and go with what feels right. He said he’d find me again later. In the main room, found more guys mostly hanging around. A couple patted my ass, one tickled my balls. Later connected w/ the Vite guy from the shower. He had a room, so we went there and explored one another. I was very happy with my first venture and will go again. Considering “blackout Thursday” but would like more info on what to expect. Love being touched, teased, etc. and a dark room full of naked men all touchy-feely sounds like a good time.

    • CheckOutMyJock
      CheckOutMyJock Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Gives the other Flex bathhouses a bad name...
      I've been all over the world, and I've been in bathhouses all over the world, and I can honestly say Flex Atlanta is the worst bathhouse in the world. Hit or miss clientele, and a truly surly staff. Don't bother.

    • wildbottom
      wildbottom Over a year ago
      Loves it

      This place ROCKS!
      I stopped in midday this past Wednesday with 2-3 hours to myself but not sure what I'd find. I was pleasantly surprised to find a reasonable entry fee, nice facilities, awesome guys all around and the type of risque fun I absolutely LOVE. The next time I'm in town I'll be back!

    • RUoneMEtwo
      RUoneMEtwo Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Great remodel staff was excellent but the locals must all be transplants because not one had any southern hospitality.

    • Fostr
      Fostr Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Bad Management!!!
      The facility in Atlanta is nice and clean. The staff is nice . However, their manager speaks to them and customers like everyone are idiots. I cringe every time I see him prance into the club. Too many other places to go in Atlanta for less. More than the mop water needs to be changed there.

    • paperclip2
      paperclip2 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Nice mix of guys
      Plenty of guys there on a Wendesday Afternoon, Nice place. I did hear some talk about some of the wet areas not working all the time. The sauna was not working but had a great time! Of the 3 spots in Atlanta the best.

    • runlaramie
      runlaramie Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Totally lame
      Visited when in town on a Thursday night. The tv monitors in the common areas are way too small and half weren't even working. This place needs a large-screen TV room with comfortable places to sit, watch, and share with other guys. The hot tub was on but uncomfortable to sit in, not very hot, and the jets barely moved the water. Way too many private rooms, nowhere near enough common areas to cruise. Not going back.

    • NoLookinDown
      NoLookinDown Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Very Clean
      This was my first time at a bath house. I only went to see what it was like. Surprisingly it was very clean, even for someone who had no expectations. The Staff was constantly cleaning while I was there. I did see a mouse by the vending machine, which was working, but whatever. On the down side the place was too dark for my liking as a first timer and the crowd was very to themselves and no one talked the whole time I was there. I thought it would be more friendly or social atmosphere. The Jacuzzi was very comfortable aside from the fact that the seat and flooring of it is glass so it's impossible for you to just sit there since the streams just cause you to slide around in there lol. Maybe that was just because I'm so skinny. The pool was big and the sauna was nice also. The steam room however, smelled like piss when I walked in there so I immediately turned back around and left the steam room. All of the rooms a incredibly small and the crowd was between 28 and up which I didn't mind, but it's definitely not the place for young folk :) and you do have to strip to at least your underwear. The staff was pretty cute and friendly btw.

    • Itsmegp
      Itsmegp Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I visited here and was pleasantly surprised with the facilities .. Great place to go , staff was very helpful and I would certainly visit again !

    • Browser70
      Browser70 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The best
      I had the best experience ever in flex. I met this gorgeous guy that he could be in Hollywood . His dk was so big , that I had only seen one or two in straight porno movies. It was something almost abnormally huge, and yes I took it all because he was so handsome. He said that only one guy before me was a le to take it all.I want to go back to Flex maybe I am lucky Again. I live in Dallas.

      BLKTRADE Over a year ago
      Loves it


    • luis_baker
      luis_baker Over a year ago
      Loves it

      i loved it
      This place is a one of a kind place to chill out and have fun. It has many amenities and a nice cool gym if you want to work out. Also this place is always constantly advancing and making their facilities better and having the latest in spa technology. One down side tough is that they don't really have any special nights during the week and they should advertise more to the younger up and comeing beautiful people. Anyways i still love it. â

    • blakmayle79
      blakmayle79 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      OK at First...
      The first time I went to Flex I had drove down from Nashville and I must say it was off the chain. And even the next few times I went it was great. But around my third time going the thrill had gone. It wasn't due to a lack of people but due to a large amount of assholes. I went on the weekends which give the biggest turn out. Most of the people there are very arrogant and think they are too good to do anything with anyone. Many just want to walk around and be seen and dont want to participate. I don't pay $20 plus to attend a bath house just so I can be stared at and ignored. They tell you that you are suppose to strip to a towel or underwear or just be naked but you got people walking around in there fully dressed like the rules dont apply to them. It is not like it was when I first went it is a waste of time and the parking is terrible.

    • sdsnaturist
      sdsnaturist Over a year ago
      Loves it

      GREAT weekend!
      Headed to Atlanta for the first time for a weekend in October. Stayed at Georgia Tech Convention Center & Hotel, whose parking garage is literally right across the street from Flex. VERY convenient! Friday night visit went VERY well -- took a little while to get used to the layout, but rooms level AND lower (wet/sauna) level were very nice. GREAT mix of patrons. Saturday visit was overshadowed by a body-painting extravaganza down by the pool involving about a dozen porn stars... some VERY cute twinks, but they all appeared to come partnered! Still a nice night overall!

    • gayexplorer
      gayexplorer Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Skip this place
      Atlanta is FULL of endless opportunities to find hot guys for 1-1, group sex, and orgies. The African-American scene is probably the best in the nation for hot sex. However, the hot guys and hot sex are NOT in the bathhouses, at least not this one. I would suggest going to a hotel sex party or one of the many weekly sex events held around town. Don't waste your time with the bathhouses. The hot guys are elsewhere!