Cheshire Motor Inn

96% love it
In Midtown with a reputation
This Route 66-style, cruisey motel is a popular choice for those whose top priority is privacy and discretion. The front building features large windows, while the back building is all privacy.


    • kinky1ntn
      kinky1ntn Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Really hot men, hot time everywhere around here. Little over an hours drive from Chattanooga.

    • Bbbottom15
      Bbbottom15 Over a year ago

      Is this still a good place for cruising
      I plan on staying here in the first week of December (2015) and wanted to know if this is still a cruisy place. Looking to hook up with lots of guys, but if it's not cruisy anymore I will stay somewhere else.

    • JoshNSanFran
      JoshNSanFran Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Good basic Motel next to the gay action
      This motel is nothing fancy. This is not the Ritz people. But it's also a solid Motel for the price and it is convenient to most of the bars and sex clubs. Definitely Atlanta's version of San Francisco's Beck's Motor Lodge.

    • Pancho_Miami
      Pancho_Miami Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Location, location, location!
      The best thing about this motel is its location. It's 2 blocks from Manifest 4 U, Club Eros, Jungle, Heretic, BJ Roosters, and Inserection! The rest of Midtown is conveniently accessible through Piedmont Avenue. You can either drive or walk (avoid parking hassle!) to any of these places from here. Since the motel has an "open" design (no front lobby), you have total privacy to bring whomever you like back to your room. I stayed in the back building which is very forested and lots of cars go in & out; so cruising is heavy! Rates are also the best in town; with free wi-fi & free parking on site! Having said that, this isn't the Ritz. The phone doesn't work, the shower curtain was slightly moldy, and the towels were a bit rough (so bring your own soft ones). But the room was spacious (king-size bed) with a small refrigerator and a microwave oven (and why is there a Bible in the nightstand?!) Bottom line: if you're looking for a "man's man" motel...this is it! Otherwise, there are better options everywhere else.

    • Jackie21164
      Jackie21164 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Cheshire Motor Inn
      Always a Fun time to be had here.

    • jimmy29621
      jimmy29621 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Male Prostitute Hangout
      As I enjoy cruzing (always practice SAFE SEX) I enjoy staying here. However a couple things as of late bother me at the Inn. #1 The new day manager is not very nice. #2 I have noticed the number of male prostitutes has risen now that the warm weather has arrived. A couple good notes: The roach problem is gone (thank God) and they have installed the CARD slides on the doors. No more stupid keys. The cruzing is still great you just have to weed out the prostitutes, unless that's what your looking for. I have never had to pay for sex and hope I don't have to for awhile yet. Enjoy your cruzing At the Cheshire Motor Inn.

    • Jimmyjam29621
      Jimmyjam29621 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      5 Star for cruzing hot men for quick sex
      If you are into fast sex with hot men this is the place to stay. However, it is rundown and has roaches. Keep everything shut tight in your suitcases. The staff were friendly enough, not to nosey. If your into a nice decor this will be a nightmare.