LA Fitness Ansley Mall

91% love it
Mostly gay gym
There's plenty to look at in this Midtown gym where the eye candy pumping is a sweaty gay time.


    • adamlazer
      adamlazer Over a year ago
      Loves it

      nice workout
      very gay friendly. I visited and was pleased with everything. Wasn't crowded at all on a Saturday evening. Hot boys in full spandex for eye candy too. Too bad everyone doesn't dress as well, as it's mostly straight-looking baggy shorts t-shirt guys and a mix of women on treadmills. thankfully there were not women trying to use the big-boy free weight equipt with zero weights. What a waste of equipment when u could just use the machines for such light weight minimal lifting. people were nice.

    • deehouston
      deehouston Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Lockers and showers need cleaning
      Make sure you don't go bare foot here . . . the equipment is well maintained . . . and there is diverse eye candy to motivate you.

    • DaveHill
      DaveHill Over a year ago
      Hates it

      This gym has gotten rather ragged around the edges in recent years. I guess they're tightening their belts like everyone else, which is to be expected, but this becomes a problem when it affects the cleanliness of the gym, which it certainly has. There used to be a person on staff who cleaned several hours of the day, but there is never anyone cleaning there anymore--EVER!! The locker room truly is an armpit--it STINKS, and just reeks of FILTH. I never, ever see anyone wiping anything down, and there is most certainly a problem with recurring bouts of STAPH INFECTION with the members here. I have talked with so many people there who have contracted staph, and I also worked for a doctor's office for a couple of years where we would get approx. 180 cases of staph per year where the only common denominator was A MEMBERSHIP AT THIS LOCATION!!! I reported it to them at the local and corporate level, and was completely brushed off. They didn't want to hear about it, and just told me they had no obligation to track the number of cases of staph that their members reported. I would never join this gym knowing what I know, and seeing what I see, but as I've said, it's very convenient and cheap. I DO believe that I am immune to staph, because it seems that everyone I know personally who works out there has had it at least once. I would highly recommend wearing clothing that covers you well, and don't work out with open sores or cuts. Oh, one other thing. Recently, the only have two water fountains here that have cold water, and one of them, nearest the ladies locker room, has had a problem for quite some time with the lever you press to get the water to come out--it goes up inside the fountain, and allows your hand to go in with it. I've stopped using it, as I have to wonder if it's possible to get shocked, or worse, electrocuted even, from the combination of water and electricity. Like I've said, they have totally let things go at this location. Interesting to note that they apparently HAVE had the money to put in several big screen, obnoxious televisions to broadcast advertisements, while letting this gym go to the dogs. Yuck...!

    • YoungBoyGA
      YoungBoyGA Over a year ago
      Hates it

      a Not so Nice place to get rob
      After a friend form school beg me to come here with him. I try it again. while I was working out 5 people lockers worth broken into. And to be honset I realy do not trust a gym that used poster broads for makeing sign. This place as I been told by many people has realy wrreacked the Gayborhood. Most of the good looking guy who used to go to Bear Buck aka Star Buck no longer come here.

    • Darius
      Darius Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Hottest Gyms in ATL
      The LA Fitness chains are the hottest and most popular gyms in ATL. The Atlantic Station location is centrally located in midtown, attracts a diverse crowd of hotties, celebrities, etc. Very nice gym, pool, sauna, basketball court. 90% of clientel is gay or gay friendly. Easy spot to meet people and find out whats going on in the city.