W After Work - ROUND 2: Dragonfly Salon vs. Paragon Salon for MOVEMBER


A battle of the city's top trendsetters, businesspeople, artists, and philanthropists -- slinging cocktails at the Spice Market bar for their favorite charities. ROUND TWO, Thursday November 15, 7 - 9 pm: Dragonfly Salon vs. Paragon Salon, both competing for MOVEMBER and raising funds for The Prostate Cancer Foundation. Come for drinks at the Spice Market bar -- Dragonfly Salon's team will be on one side; Paragon Salon's team will be on the other.
- Both teams will have tip jars with signs on them -- place your tip in either Paragon's or Dragonfly's jar.
- Winner is chosen based on their final tip count -- the winning team will receive all the tips from the evening for their charity.
- Stay for dinner after the battle!
- Spice Market provides complimentary valet parking for their patrons.


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