Bone Voyage!


SATURDAY JUNE 30. Mary's own Italian Stallion, Tony D, is setting sail for some European Adventures before heading off to the Frisco Bay for good. We're going to miss him like crazy! So in his honor, the crew at Mary's are swabbing our poop decks and getting ready to send Tony off with a great big "Bone" Voyage! and we'll have DJ Diablo Rojo aboard as our Captain to make sure the S.S. Mary stays rocking all night long.

Let's get NAUTICAL, NAUTICAL! Come dressed up in your best seaside attire. We want to see lots of Seamen, Mermaids, Shellfish, Skippers, Sailors, Moby Dicks, Pirates, Captains & Tennilles, Red Lobster Employees, Desert Island Survivors, Gay Cruise Directors. Anything you can dream up.

Chips A'hoy, fellas!


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