Gravitee Fitness

70% love it
Stylish gym
This hip, urban gym is loaded with state-of-the-art equipment, great classes, and friendly staff. Most of the clients are gay men, but there are also women members from time to time. Week-long free trial passes and day passes for visitors are available.


    • The owner refuses to address customers
      Terrible management and ownership, who refuse to honor contract provision 9, which allows immediate cancellation when "substantial" changes are made to gym. Recently rejoined and was told steam room would be reopened, then informed weeks later it would no longer be available. Owner refused to speak with me, having a mgr. refuse to let me out of contract, insisting I pay 60 days. Incredibly unreasonable, rude. We will be going to court if they ask me for one cent.

    • Les30324
      Les30324 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Long Term Member .
      Have been a member at this gym from the first day it opened. I can attest that this gym has been kept clean and well maintained ever since it opened. I work out mid day five times a week and have never found the place unorganized, dirty, or unkept. I find it hard to believe other post here would call this gym a social club, or not for serious lifters. Everything a person needs is right here for lifting, toning, classes, yoga, trainers, or just doing your own fitness program. I belonged to a gym in Midtown that was closed twice by the health department. The ownership at Gravity has never taken cleanliness lightly. No place is ever going to be perfect for every member. This gym goes farther than any other to try and accommodate it's members. This is the fifth gym I have used over the years in Atlanta. Close to home, 14 restaurants within one mile, three minutes from my business, It's a perfect fit for me.

    • Seriouslifter
      Seriouslifter Over a year ago
      Loves it

      best Gym in Atlanta
      Been researching and visiting various gyms in Mid Town. Hands down gravity Fitness is the best. Not only is the equipment very good, but the selection far exceeds what the other gyms have. I found the staff to be very knowledgeable, its obvious they are into fitness. The gym is clean, very well maintained, and friendly. Each and everytime I come in I get a good vibe and an excellent work out. I highly recommend Gravity Fitness

    • Jack1958
      Jack1958 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Mostly a social club, not a serious gym.
      This gym is mostly a neighborhood gym with a staff and ownership that do not work out and therefore know little about what the needs are for their members. Equipment is not well maintained and repaired in "quick and dirty" ways instead of taking the time, effort and expense to fix the equipment appropriately. The primary free weight benches which are intended to be bolted down are not bolted down and so they become crooked and dangerous to use. Many pads are broken down and need replacement. Unfortunately it is the best choice inside the perimeter for a lifting gym. If a decent well maintained clean well equipped gym (not a fitness center) opened ITP it would blow Gravity out of the water.

    • JT404
      JT404 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      The Men's bathroom is DISGUSTING!! There is no door between the actual bathroom and locker-room, so any time someone goes in there and blows it up, the smell lingers into the locker-room and eventually into the gym by the front desk area. It's nasty! The smell in there makes me want to hurl sometimes. The carpet in the locker-room is soiled and stained, and also has a foul smell. Half of the faucets don't work, and the mirrors/countertops always have water and stains on them. The place is a WRECK! Also, would it be asking too much to have kleenex in the bathrooms. It's a shame you have to go into those nasty stalls to get toilet paper to blow your nose. The Owner has major attitude, and he dresses like he is going to a night club. Lots of bling, designer jeans, tight flashy t-shirts - it's not attractive. This is supposed to be a healthy, athletic minded environment, not a gay bar scene. I also think his "corner office" with curtains comes across as "I'm better than all of you" type attitude. Again, this is a gym! Why do you need a fancy corner office? The Owner also brings his dog into the gym, and while she seems sweet and nice, it only takes ONE attack or bite to change all of that. Perhaps he hasn't thought of this, but I'm sure he will get sued if/when the dog does eventually snap at somebody. Again, it's a gym, not a doggie day care center. The equipment is average at best, much of it is outdated. This is no state of the art facility. Also, none of the members re-rack their weights (and the staff is too lazy to tidy up), so there's always weights all over the place, and you constantly have to "search" to find what you're looking for. No organization whatsoever. The parking lot is way too tight to handle the way the parking is set up, so you're likely to get a bumper scrape - and if you don't get a bumper scrape, you may end up with a busted window since the surrounding area is total sketch. There is nothing around this gym, so don't plan on meeting your friends for a quick bite afterward, or at least close by. Lastly, much of the staff also has attitude. I won't name any names, but believe me they know who they are, and I'm sure most of the members would also agree. In summary, Gravity isn't worth the drive, the money, or your efforts. There are other gyms, at the same monthly cost, that are closer to midtown, cleaner, with better parking, and friendlier staff. Don't waste your time, trust're not missing anything here.

    • Zachery
      Zachery Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Neighborhood Gym for the Older Gay Guy not Serious LIfters
      Mostly older (over 60 during the day) almost all gay. Not for serious lifters, more of a social club. Old equipment poorly maintained. Not bolted down. No serious lifters on staff just young boys with minimal lifting knowledge for the old guys or friends of the owner. No power lifting equipment. Basically an adequate neighborhood gym rather than a first rate facility you might expect in a large regional city.

    • Atl30309
      Atl30309 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best combo of quality and value of any ATL gym
      Excellent equipment, conscientious management, and cleanliness are the hallmarks of this gym. Membership is very diverse...age range of 20's to 60's. People are very friendly. No-attitude kind of place.

    • mike76
      mike76 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best gym in atlanta
      Clean,well run, friemdly