Gays for Plays: "Boy" starring Clifton Guterman


We're heading downtown to Theatrical Outfit for "Boy", where Rainbros coach and Atlanta actor Clifton Guterman -- along with Theatrical Outfit Artistic Director Tom Key -- perform in this play based on the true story of an Iowa boy raised as a girl after an accident. The show explores how the repercussions and realities of that choice unfold and alter lives years later.

Thanks to the support of Theatrical Outfit and Rainbros, we're able to offer discounted $20 tickets to this show, which includes a drink from the concession stand. Follow the ticketing link and use the promo code 'RAINBROS' to get this deal.

Curtain is 7:30. Come early to enjoy your drink and the camaraderie of our group.

Show Summary:
Setting: 1968-1990. Davenport, Iowa and Boston, Massachusetts.
Inspired by a fascinating true story covered by Oprah, documented by the BBC and exposed in a best-selling biography, Boy asks us: does nature or nurture determine who and how we love? A renowned doctor convinces the parents of a male infant to raise their son as a girl after an accident, and years later, the repercussions and realities of that choice unfold and alter lives. With humor and tenderness, Boy explores the tricky terrain of loving oneself and others amidst the confusion of gender identity as one very special young person simply yearns to be himself.

Mature themes and content.

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