Deep South w/ Nark (Bottom Forty, Seattle)


Vicki Powell presents DEEP SOUTH w/

NARK (Bottom Forty, Seattle)

Warm up: Vicki Powell

Hosted by:

Robert Ansley
Ash Lauryn
Hydrangea Heath
Kyle Floyd
Brian Pollard
Bryan Lee
Brian Rojas
Roby Abraham

GOGO--Dirt Wolf

NARK (2MR, Mr Intl, Bottom Forty, Get Up)
Purveyor of slithering acid. Community builder. Bottom Forty Label owner. Club veteran. Party politician. Secretive producer. Zealous remixer. Anxiety-ridden intro-extroverted socialite. Totally nice and likes to be pet gently. Requires naps. Spotted hiding on stage with Daniel Avery, Audion, Jacques Renault, Matrixxman, Avalon Emerson, The Black Madonna, Red Axes, Tim Sweeney, Bicep, Honey Soundsystem, Jennifer Cardini, Paramida and many others. Known to make singles with Andy Butler (Hexxy). Forthcoming 2MR artist. Inspired by Sega Genesis techno. Prefers brief sentences and elongated sets. A pusher of American Techno, according to Resident Advisor, Decibel Festival, Vice Magazine, The Advocate and others. Well-traveled gig player, can say “biyee” in several languages.

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