Boys of Summer Swimsuit Contest + Beach Party


We had a good run of Spring here in the ATL but the UPS guys are wearing shorts and that means it's time to get down to what's really real... SUMMERTIME!

Yes, the heat is on and we feel like it's time to have some dudes strut around in swim trunks and banana hammocks and show us what's good. We've been doin this for years, so you know the drill.

The 1st Place Winner will recieve:
• $100 CASH
• Legit Trophy
• Bragging Rights until September
• Official "2017 Boy of Summer" seal to use on your Growlr/Grindr/Tindr/Craigslist photos.

Runners up will recieve "booze, pity and probably handies"

As usual, Señor Cajones will be hosting while a hilarious panel of celebrity judges will be judging.

Be sure to stick around after the contest because DJ 5 Hour Boner and DJ On Point will be spinning Beach Blanket Bangers and Club MTV Beach House Jams all night long.


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