Art Opening::Jay Shoemake


I have always found inspiration in the self-expression of others, whether it be through entertainment, art, cultural/social change, dance, photography or writing. Wherever there are people who need to be heard and who channel that desire through the arts I am inspired and enriched.

And although I appreciate the classical, it is the contemporary – the new, the unexpected, the previously unseen or unheard that moves me most. It provokes my thinking, elicits questions and sparks my own spirit of creativity.

And so it is with my love for graffiti – to experience the thoughts, the emotions of many individuals, building layer-by-layer, creating an entirely new one, open entirely to change. These pieces document just one day in the life of the message on street.

Jay Shoemake is a graphic designer living in Atlanta, a graduate of the University of Georgia and of the Portfolio Center.

- Art is the barometer through which we document our changing world and
all of us, to some extent, play the dual roles of both observer and creator.


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