Dirty Jobs & Dirty boys Fetish Night @ Atlanta Eagle


Come join the Southeast LSb/CBB 2012 Title Family along with International Leatherboy 2011 as we get geared up for our next Fetish Night.

It's time to embrace your dirty side as we bring out, Dirty Jobs and Dirty boys!

Ever get turned on by a dirty mechanic, smokey firefighter, sweaty construction worker, or any other hot man or woman getting dirty while they work? Well come out and embrace that dirt!

Come join:
Southeast LeatherSIR 2012, Ben Carter
Southeast Leatherboy 2012, Joe boy
Southeast Community Bootblack 2012, Girl Dale
International Leatherboy 2011, Pup Nitro

We will be bartending in the club bar of the Atlanta Eagle with all proceeds from tips and Jell-O shooters going to the Southeast Black and Blue travel fund.


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