Manifest4U (Closed, Seeking new Location)

85% love it
Just do it
This premiere sex club suggests a high degree of cleanliness, offering a safe space where men seeking men may explore their sexuality.
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    • pissorpoz
      pissorpoz Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I go to Manifest most every SAT night, and also to a lot of their WED parties. Wonderful, clean place.

    • CheckOutMyJock
      CheckOutMyJock Over a year ago
      Loves it

      As fun as you want it to be...
      Clean, appropriately lit, friendly staff, hot guys...any questions?

    • PLeMaster
      PLeMaster Over a year ago

      Double check their hours as they seem to close a little earlier. Also, things are busy a little earlier, so just go early (8pm-10pmish)

    • Strumpet
      Strumpet Over a year ago

      Atrocious and Awful
      I went on a Saturday night thinking it would be busy. The night started well with the nice guy at the window, that was the last nice thing. The clientele was old drunk and unattractive. When you went into the rooms hand would come out of the glory holes and grab you and pull your leg like it was a haunted house. There was an overweight naked man in a sling most of the 2 hours I was there and no one seemed to even notice. There was a lot of unwanted groping and the men didn't understand it when you said a polite no thank you. The folks I did play with were all flaccid and it was it appeared drug use was prevalent. (Not in the place, but prior) It was as if the dregs of Atlanta were all there. The place was clean, but the smoking filled more of the space than the designated area. After circling for 2 hours hoping something would change I decided to leave. I will admit that at this point I made a huge mistake and pulled out my phone to call an Uber. I honestly wasn't thinking, it was just time to go. A man walked up to me and threw my phone on the ground. I was in shock. I ran after him obviously upset and asked why he did that. He screamed i was rude and it was against the rules. At this point I realized my mistake and apologized and said I wish he would had just said something. I was ruder but you were ruder. He pushed me against the wall screaming Im at least 20 years older than him and I should know better and he wants to take it outside and kick my ass. I continued to apologized and he made a scene and left the place with his pants not fully on. As it turns out is was the hefty drunk naked guy from the sling and he thought I was taking his picture. when I got to the desk to check out and again apologize and admit my fault a different doorman accosted me saying that by saying I didn't know the rule means I was a liar and he my signature to prove it. At no point did I ever raise my voice and I was very humble. I was expecting an apology but I was shoved, threatened, and my phone was thrown on the ground. a little customer service would have been nice. When I admitted to not reading the contract he accused me of being drunk and Ive been sober for 9 years. Was just a bad way to end a bad night.

    • DonaldGuy1968
      DonaldGuy1968 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Just Terrible
      This is one of the worst sex clubs I have ever been to, and I have been to Chicago, Rome, Berlin, and Fort Lauderdale. The play space consists of cheap wooden booths, and a video viewing area that reminds me of a kids tree house, cheaply made and it looks like its about to fall down. The clientele consists of old fat & ugly trolls, once in the three nights I was there a cute guy walked in, but he left quickly. If this is the best Atlanta has to offer, next time I will stay in the hotel and go on Scruff or Grinder. I visited during Gay Pride also, so this Place should have been rockin'

    • paperclip2
      paperclip2 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Nice looking but...
      Went there on a Thursday night. By most baths not much going on. Nice to try its just a strol away from Euros.

    • m30324
      m30324 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      review of Manifest4U
      this place is very clean. However, the lights are up way too bright, they don't use the air conditioner enough, and I are very few areas to fuck. Most guys come here and sit around and talk and play on the real sex going on.

    • Pancho_Miami
      Pancho_Miami Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great sex club but...
      Visited during Veterans' Day on a Saturday night. Membership prices are too expensive, which could explain why it wasn't so busy on a Saturday night. The maze is wonderful and the videos are great; my favorite part is the stadium-style cinema in the back. I love it that the place is so clean, and it is very convenient that they have 3 computers for patrons to use; yet, no one should be on a computer if you're at a sex club (this isn't Starbucks)! Parking is free and convenient. Even though i had a great time, they need more guys in there; and they can start by lowering their prices.

    • borisrio
      borisrio Over a year ago
      Hates it

      not happening
      It may be upscale (?), but it's pretty much empty, so ...

      BLKTRADE Over a year ago
      Loves it

      the "real" trade not fem posers are at TRADExxxpress in midtown to find a real masc blk companion to party with

    • juanatlanta
      juanatlanta Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Review just in case
      I do not want to fill anything here

    • dan786675
      dan786675 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      What a Tragic Place
      This place would have the potential to be a good place, but it is too damn expensive and they keep it uncomfortably hot in there, no A/C in play areas.....$25 to get a membership and $10 or $15 to get in to a club with nobody, I wont be back.

    • mikefromathens
      mikefromathens Over a year ago
      Hates it

      this place is grossly over priced
      what a damn rip off. not only do you have to pay a high cover charge, but then they get you for a 6 month bs membership fee for additional money and trust me, the men in there are far from worth the money. the guy at the door gives you an attitude of pay it or go, too bad. as if they don't need my business. i went once as a guest and i would go more often if they would get rid of their ridiculous membership fee which is just a way of screwing you out of more money. clearly they run on greed.

    • readyandwilling
      readyandwilling Over a year ago
      Loves it

      upscaled and relaxing
      I love going to Manifest because of the cleanliness! The staff is welcoming and is not afraid to hold a conversation with you. As others have said, it's a hit and miss; however, it's still the best place of its kind in the area.

    • dawgdude
      dawgdude Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Don't waste your money!
      I live out of town and went to this place in May and got in for $15 for a bear run. Went back a few weeks later and got in for $20. The third visit a few weeks after that was $25 and I refused to pay it and left. The place was extremely slow both times I did get in but I refuse to pay more than $20 (and that's a rip-off) at 3 a.m. after bar hopping to get into your lackluster establishment. The bookstore got my money.