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  •   Not Good
    Handsome225 ·

    December 29, 2015

    I visited this place for the first time and was extremely disappointed. Prior to the new owners this was another club that received rave reviews. There is no diversity there anymore and caters to the Mexican/ Latin community. $20 and the place smelled bad, it was dark & you can trip easily and the bathroom was a mess. The facility itself has a lot of rooms, the place is huge. Luckily I was able to "talk" to the only hot guy in the building.
  •   they bashed us
    daverity ·

    September 27, 2014

    It really hurt when my friends entered the establishment. We were instantly unwanted and felt the need to leave so we did. After leaving, we noticed one of their signs were faced the wrong way so we fixed it so it would face possible patrons. Two men came out with hostile personalities. They told us to leave due to abuse of a sign. We asked what sign and they could not point it out. I think they overreacted and couldn't deal with the fact that we were leaving and fixed their sign. One of the men threatened to hurt us and I asked why. They told me if I asked once more that it wouldn't be a matter of question anymore. I was perplexed and discriminated. We were confused why this was an issue and didn't want to to peruse a confrontation even though they seemed like they desired it. It was an embarrassment to the establishment and definitely caused an uproar between the patrons and clientele. We walked away and almost wanted to call the police for help due to the grotesque animosity but decided against it. We will never return again. They wanted to "kill" us and it was made sure that we knew it. Terrible. Unbelievable.
  •   Not very good
    paperclip2 ·

    June 21, 2014

    Went on a thursday night. By the "ad's" thought i would see some BBC. Not one. Very bland. The "play" areas are a joke. Had the same thing happen went at 3:00PM no one there.
  •   always late
    mark.dyess.7 ·

    June 7, 2014

    this place would be better if the employees show up on time and close when they're supposed to they always come in late and they close early
  •   review of Club Eros
    m30324 ·

    May 28, 2014

    this place is not as good as it used to be. I went several times over the past 3 weeks. I found that Saturday night is the best night to go, and the best time is from 11:30 p.m. To about 2 o'clock a.m. It is a good mixture of black white Latino Asian guys.there are lots of dark room areas, private rooms, gloryholes and public sex areas. they have recently expanded and there is a second upstairs level where a lot of public fucking goes on. Most guys here bareback. I recommend it for Saturday nights not bother going on any other night.
  •   May the odds be ever in your favor...
    dlrbeovide ·

    December 20, 2013

    I visited this club earlier this year, and was more scared than aroused for most of the time I was there. Lighting is not very good, floors are sticky, furniture is old and beat up, and the crowd is shady to say the least. Probably appropriate for tweaked out freaks, but not recommended for the average gay tourist.
  •   Needs lots of improvements
    Pancho_Miami ·

    November 13, 2013

    Visited during Veterans' Day on a Friday night. Considering how it looks and smells inside, this place is overpriced. I did like the layout, however the cabins and other rooms are pitch-black; it is ridiculous (and unsafe) if you can't even see the cock you're sucking. They need to install small light bulbs everywhere; as soon as you close the door, you're blind. Also, too many cabins have too many holes in them; there's no privacy. Considering how much they charge you would think they had fixed the soda machine by now. And get rid of the "smokers' room" in the front!!! Make them go outside so the rest of us are not forced to inhale that disgusting poison.
  •   Crossdressers
    AmandaCDxxx ·

    October 12, 2013

    Are CDs excepted in here are there many that frequent this place?
  •   Had a blast
    sbr111165 ·

    September 10, 2013

    I went to club Eros on a friday night in august 2013. I had a blast,yes the floor was a little messy so wear flip flops! I met alot of very nice men ,gave three blow jobs and settled with a nice man in ine if the rooms and we had great sex ( anal ) you do not know what you are missing if you do not try this place. he staff is great the men are plentiful and the sex is great. I know things should be a lot cleaner and maybe the drink machine should be fixed but all in all its great

    June 21, 2013

    the "real" trade not fem posers are at TRADExxxpressDOTCOM in midtown to find a real masc blk escort/companion to party with
  •   This Place Sux
    atlantamac ·

    May 4, 2013

    Are you kidding. This is filthy! There is so much cum on the floors that your feet stick to the carpet. Not to mention all of the holes in the carpet. As far as a refreshments, there are none. the drink machin broke several months ago and has an "Out Of Order Sign" on it. Management says they have not plans on fixing the drink machine. Also the clientele looks like an AARP bus dropped the members off. The place stinks STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THE PLACE AS YOU CAN. IT IS NASTY, FILTHY, SCUM OF THE EARTH PEOPLE AND MANAGEMENT!
  •   What A Dump
    Lascivious ·

    January 11, 2013

    I went twice to this place. It was a month between visits so I thought maybe it had changed. It hasn't! They charge you $20 to get in to this dump. The floors are beyond sticky, the pop machine has been "sorry out of order" "ice only" for over a month. The movie theatre screen is torn and tapped with three broke down old sofas. The back maze is horrible with glow paint writing "Club Eros" and exit... Which trust me the exit is the best thing in this place. I will never go back... Nasty, dirty, old, broke down poor excuse for a sex club. One star because I can't figure out how to rank it lower! Renovate or close down would be my suggestion... $20 is better spent holding it out a window.
  •   Eros
    mikelnnc ·

    September 3, 2012

    I was at Eros this Thursday/Friday, Aug 31 and Sept 1, and the club did not smell and was clean, and looked it, even with the vinyl covers over the couches, and never felt anything sticky. My only problem was, it is not as busy as it used to be, but I still enjoyed myself. But you know what they say, the more the merrier.
  •   What Happened?
    daredevil1 ·

    August 29, 2012

    This used to be the place to go. Anyone remember when there was a VIP room with its on bath'/shower? This facility now has fitness gear. The pricing probably keeps out some riff-raff. Maybe a theme night will increase patronage. Some rooms do need repairing. Keep up the good comments.
  •   this place is AMAZING! !!!!!
    oscar.t.vega ·

    June 23, 2012

    This club has good rooms for mating.also it has a swing to have fun with. It has porn videos too.a smoking area.the first you go there its expensive.but then with ur membership its cheap. I recommended this place to guys who want to have fun or find a person for them.
    mikefromathens ·

    April 17, 2012

    it is so dark that you could be having sex with your best friend and not know it, but if you saw the horrible skanks that go in there, you might be better off not knowing what your having sex with. i have tried the place a few times, always ugly, nasty trolls and smell unclean. i have asked numerous times for them to please put on some form of light so that people could see where they are going and call me crazy, but i like to see who i'm having sex with. it's like they are scared to pay an electric bill. if your a desperate troll, this is the place for you. if your just above that, stay clear.
  •   NASTY!!!!! and not in a good way !!! - stars i give 1 no 0 option
    gotaluvit ·

    November 19, 2011

    i used to go here when the old owner owned it and it was a great place since it changed hands it has gone wayyyyyy down hill, I have been there a few times recenty and I am not going back, I used to have a membership but tore it up. it is NASTY the sofas have some kind of plastic fake leather sheet thrown on them and they are all sticky who know what from but both times i went its the same everything smells they have gory hole booths and man the walls are discusting i watched one time while one of the emplyies walked around with a frebreeze bottle and sprayed it everywhere (that's not cleaning) reminds me of those new comercials where they blindfold people and spray a nasty place and they think there in a nice one. but this is far from nice.
  •   Club Eros is lots of fun
    bustanick ·

    October 17, 2011

    The crowd tends to be in 20s 30s and 40s. Yes, there are lots of Hispanics, mostly guys from Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Venezuela ... but most, Mexican. No wet areas. Lots of dark areas. Lots of fun to show off in the video room and then go play in a room. They have a big gloryhole ramp that can be lots of fun. Safe secure parking. Lockers are secure. Video camera pointing right at the lockers!
  •   I been there recently and started to notice some changes
    WorldTravelerMan ·

    August 24, 2011

    they painted the walls, changed the lighting but I agree that the place need to be improved seriously and heavily before the city shut it down. They need get rid of the clutter and old furniture and pieces of vinyl covering them up... improve the light system and most important, have someone 24/7 checking the rooms, bathroom and common areas for cleanness. They don't need to be sophisticated but they got to be clean otherwise the city can shut it down at anytime. Besides the cleanness this is the best place to meet real man. (this is the south, but the guys that didn't like the place we can tell that they are clueless about what a sex club means. You want lights and perfection this sort of place is not for you. Sex club isn't about being picky but about atmosphere.)
  •   Not Good
    paultravel ·

    July 31, 2011

    Very, very dirty and the smell in the darkrooms was not good at all, the rooms are also dirty and the doors don't lock. For the most part it is too much money for the experience. Not the only dirty sex site i have visited but by far the worst.
  •   Interesting place but always good time
    tnmuslman ·

    June 19, 2011

    Eros is a "sex" club, NOT a does not have steam, sauna, or pools. Eros was the first "club" I ever joined and have been visiting a few years now. Don't go for the decor or the cleanliness because that ain't what this place is about. No, it isn't very clean so you should proceed with caution but if you are looking for some action you should definitely get some at this place regardless of what you are into. And, YES, there tend to be larger numbers of Hispanics here so if you have any "race" issues or hangups you might prefer Manifest in the same complex. Eros has a "huge" crusing maze and dark rooms which I enjoy. I have met/made some friends going here over the years and I always get some action so I keep going back.
  •   The owners are out of touch
    richardplenty ·

    May 1, 2011

    They used to be a very pleasant place but recently they made the place so dark you cannot see anything in most rooms, what are they thinking? (Many now bring their own bicycle lights just so they can see in one of the many unlit rooms.) The locks on about half the doors don't work so plan for someone to walk in on you in the midst of your business. It's really a crime what they have done to this place. I like the owner but he doesn't have a clue. That said it still is the most frequented sex club around, you just have to wade thru the obese and non english speaking members and generally there are a few men that are attractive, then find one of the few rooms with some faint light and a lock that works. Best nights are weekends after 10pm although they offer 10 dollar entry before 10 with membership, Remember to tell them its too dark in the rooms and to fix the locks.
  •   watch out!
    gottagettit ·

    April 17, 2011

    This place is awful,lot's of young kids running around in groups,acting like teenage girls,but even worse,a few months back,I went and put my backpack,wallet with over $100.00 in cash, credit cards, drivers lic,cell phone,key's (except truck key) perscription glasses in a locker.and guess what? some nasty jerkoff broke the lock off and took everything. thank god I had my truck key in my pocket.when I discoverd what had happened,I made sure everyone in the dump was aware of it.however,the 2 kids working the front desk, all they had to say was. NO COMPRENDE! I left in a rage,finally contacted the owner the following week. he said he was sorry,that locker had been broken for why was it not fixed? he offered me a free pass.big f---in deal!! NO THANK'S! they since moved the lockers near the front door. stay away
  •   Eros Is Awful
    1999mount ·

    March 14, 2011

    The Club Offers really nothing. It's more like a Hotel now with a Lock on every door. No chance to interact with others. The place use to be great but now, Don't waste your Money and Time. It Sucks Really just being Honest. Nothing like Steam or SEMC. Those Great Clubs are long gone ...
  •   what's. happened here?
    hectichomo ·

    December 26, 2010

    Recently this place has turned into little t ijuana. The only difference is tijuana is and clean compared to this place. Very creepy feeling. And creepy not in a good way. What happened to the website? I'm now officially a manifest man.
  •   Gross
    AAron12 ·

    December 5, 2010

    Expensive, unclean, and SMELLS like smoke, need a club for non smokers....Rooms were filthy....Yuck....
  •   Go to Manifest instead
    DonaldGuy1968 ·

    December 5, 2010

    Went to Eros for the first time a few weeks back, no good looking guys there at all and it was not clean, went to Manifest in the same complex and it was great, very good looking guys there and very clean, I would't pay to go back to Eros again.
  •   For What it Is
    hunter69 ·

    April 9, 2010

    Went there 2 nights while on vacation in ATL. The first night, The guy at the desk (might have been the owner or manager) was very helpful and got me signed up for a membership, told me what to expect, etc. He mentioned that they were doing a membership drive. The place is a little tired, but in a fun kind of way. It's kind of like a party in someone's really big garage. All the furniture looks like it came out of a garage sale. I met several guys worth doing (and did). I liked it enough to come back the next night for more. The second night, the service at the door was not what it was before. As a matter of fact, I left for a moment to make a phone call, and the guy at the door (a different one from the day before) wouldn't let me back in, even though there wasn't more than a dozen guys there. He said he didn't remember me paying, and I didn't get my hand stamped. What a jerk. I went to Manifest.

    November 21, 2009

    Go for the fun and nt for a date. Dark, free sodas, ample parking, good music. Best times are 11:30pm to about 3:30am. Gets several fun guys after the bars near by
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